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The flunkers have approximately 20 productions in their repertoire - for children, adults and open-air.

The following five productions are available in English, or contain no spoken text.

We are happy to perform these pieces in English. If there is anything else in our catalogue that you would like to see in English, contact us and we will make it happen!

We send you warm regards and hope you enjoy the show!

Magic Butter Show

Magic Butter Show

Sensational magic from the bargain basement of entertainment.
mutter krausen

Mother Krausen‘s Journey to Happiness

Live reinterpretation of a silent movie.
Cowpats and Pipedreams

Cowpats and Pipedreams

An affectionate and feisty play about two very different people and an even more different cow.
The Compliments Offic

The Compliments Office

An interactive installation for streets, squares and festivals
Time, oh Callboy of Eternity

Time, oh Callboy of Eternity

Open-air theater about time, mythology and the ephemeral
Stücke für Jüngere
Stücke für Erwachsene
Stücke für die Straße
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